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Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

  • Printing and supply of computer forms in various sizes and multiple colours
  • Assistance in making new designs or modifying the existing ones
  • Quotations within minutes from our specially designed ERP
  • Free delivery upto the customer’s door-step anywhere in Muscat
  • Delivery within the shortest possible time

CSI’s products
  • Computer listing in single and multi-parts
  • Letter Heads
  • Invoice and Delivery Notes
  • Purchase Orders
  • MRNs and SRVs
  • Hotel forms
  • Job cards

Special forms
  • Bank Pin Mailers
  • Pay envelopes
  • Snap-out sets
  • Photo envelopes

Security documents
  • Cheques in continuous format, in sheets or as books
  • Drafts in continuous format, in sheets or in pads
  • Certificates

Most modern in-house facilities
  • Fully computerised pre-press
  • Special security designing MICR encoding
  • Hologram stamping
  • Form Slitter